DIY vs Professional

Are your outdoor areas in need of a clean?

Are you considering doing it yourself?

Are you considering going to the local hardware store to buy yourself a pressure washer?

Before choosing which path to head down, following are some things to consider before making your decision.


As with choosing to do anything yourself, there are risks and benefits to walking the DIY path for maintaining your outdoor surfaces.

Initially the expenses may seem far less if you do it yourself rather than engaging a professional. For example; if your alfresco area is dirty, because the kids or your pets have been rolling in the mud, all it may need is a quick hose down with some warm soapy water and it’s looking fresh and clean again. Easy and cheap…great.

However, if the surface has a significant build-up of dirt and mud the cleaning process may be more difficult and the tools needed to make sure the area is cleaned properly become more specialised.

Before heading to the local hardware store to buy yourself a pressure cleaner, consider some of the risks of DIY’ing it;

  • If the incorrect pressure is used, you may strip the surface of the area you are trying to clean e.g. Paint from the side of your house or damage the driveway by gouging out chunks of concrete.
  • If you are using chemicals to clean up a spill you may do more damage if you use the wrong chemical or if the chemicals are not mixed/diluted correctly resulting in the possibility of eroding the surface you are trying to clean. You may even cause harm to your health or causing harm to your lawn and gardens.

The time it takes to clean the area(s) properly is also something to consider. For the area to receive a proper clean it may take hours of your time because you don’t have access to commercial grade equipment. Meaning you have to carve out a significant chunk of time from your routine to get the job done.

Why Should I use a Professional Service instead of Doing it Myself?

Although the cost may appear be higher, any work done is guaranteed and often a free follow-up (with-in a nominated timeframe) is offered as part of the cost so you can be certain the quality of the work is being upheld.

The time to clean a properly is greatly reduced; what may take you hours to clean on your own, may only take a trained professional 30 mins, making less of an impact on you schedule.

The professionals receive training in;

  • The correct techniques to use for each specific surface type and area,
  • The correct use of chemicals and making sure to use them safely so as not to harm the environment or the people in your home,
  • Making sure the job is completed safely; whether it be cleaning your roof or ground level areas, and
  • The correct commercial tools to get the job done right the first time

Making sure to regularly maintain your outdoor surfaces is a vital part of ensuring the longevity of the area(s) and will help you avoid expensive repair bills.

To speak with an experienced team of professionals about your outdoor surfaces, Prestige Pressure Washing are highly trained technicians who use a proprietary blend of products to give you the best clean for your outdoor surfaces.

To make a booking jump onto and fill out the online booking form or call 1300 922 299 to speak to one of the team directly.

Do I really need to clean outside?

What is considered an outdoor surface?

Your home has many outdoor surfaces that need regular maintenance to maintain their longevity and to avoid costly repair bills;

  • Driveway/Pathways
  • Roof
  • Eves and Gutters
  • Solar Panels
  • Home exterior
  • Pool Area
  • Deck/Alfresco/Patio/Veranda
  • Fencing

What are some typical concerns with outdoor surfaces?

  • Mould and Mildew
  • Grime
  • Dust/Dirt
  • Salt Spray
  • Chemical Residue / Oil spills
  • Stains
  • Rust
  • Wildlife Leavings
  • Debris from local trees

Why should I clean?

Whether it be your driveway, patio, roof or even the sides of your house, regular cleaning can help preserve the life of the surface and even protect your investment by preventing permanent damage that can cost into the $1000’s to fix or even replace.

Even in the case of your solar panels, regular cleans can make sure you are getting the most efficient energy production possible during the life of your panels, making the most of your investment.

How can the area you live in affect your surfaces?

Where you live can add extra risks to your outdoor surfaces.

Coastal: Salt spray can eat away at concrete and cause incredible amounts of damage to your home resulting in repair bills reaching into the thousands or even having to fully replace the area. A regular clean by experienced professionals can preserve the life of the surface and maintain the value of your home.

Rural: Rust from chemicals overspray i.e. crop dusting, can affect paint and tin roofs particularly around the screw holes. This can lead to damage, not only to the roof itself but to the interior of your home if your roof leaks; commonly through rust holes around screws.

Suburbia: Debris from local trees and local wildlife waste (possums, bats etc) on the roof can lead to mould, mildew and rust again leading to potentially huge repair bills.

Pigeons are also a concern because the area underneath solar panels are prime nesting locations for the warmth. However, this can cause the panels to become hotter or even overheat and significantly reduce how well your solar panels work.

City: Diesel becomes a concern when you live in an area with a high traffic flow or even near a motorway as it can leave a grimy residue on your outdoor areas leading to damage to the surface and can even lead to the seals on your screens and window being eaten away.

Residential Development: As suburbs are growing, houses already there become grungy I.e. red mud that can stain your roof, the render, brickwork and concrete and even lead to concrete cancer.

Just like cleaning your bathroom helps prevent mould and grime build up, the same is true for your outdoor surfaces, and like your Teflon pan the correct tools are needed to avoid damaging the area you are cleaning.

For a quality clean of the outside of your own home, call in the professionals. Prestige Pressure Washing are highly trained technicians who use a proprietary blend of products to give you the best clean for your outdoor surfaces. You can find the at to make a booking with the team.